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Arctic Shores & Wiser: Coming together for fairer hiring

Sunday 14th February

Arctic Shores & Wiser: Coming together for fairer hiring

We know it’s never been tougher to attract and hire great talent. But employers today are in luck. Work is changing. Recent research shows that 63% of millennials prioritise your mission and values over money alone. So the people you need, want to hear your story…

And now, we’ve signed a partnership to help you tell it.

Arctic Shores & Wiser

We’re excited to announce our new tie-up with Wiser, the leading creative and recruitment company. We’ve come together to help you see more in your candidates, and to help them see more in you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: 

To get you started on your journey to a more compelling, inclusive employer brand, Wiser:

  • Use their in-house research expertise to explore your employer brand, and your D&I approach.
  • Bring that story to life with their raft of in-house creatives – ranging from photographers and videographers to website designers.
  • Tie it all into a compelling employer brand that attracts the right people for you.

Step 2:

Now you’re attracting the right people, discover their potential with our behaviour-based assessment:

  • Measure your candidates’ natural behaviour, with a series of engaging, interactive tasks instead of the usual questions.
  • See how every candidate stacks up to a fair, consistent framework of what you’re looking for. No bias, and no adverse impact.
  • Create a unique, engaging, memorable assessment experience that 92% of candidates enjoy.

Step 3: 

So you’re not just attracting the right people, you’re seeing which have the potential to really call your company home. Now, it’s a question of keeping that process going:

  • Wiser’s in-house teams maintain everything – your careers page, your onboarding hub, and even any ongoing creative needs.
  • Meanwhile, you can use the data from every new hire’s assessment responses to curate their personal development plans.
  • So you can keep the good times rolling – no matter how fast you scale.

Beyond your brand: join a shared mission

The partnership between Arctic Shores and Wiser is about more than just “synergies”, “efficiencies”, or “complementary offerings”. It’s built on a shared mission. 

We believe that work still isn’t working for everyone. So we’ve come together to help talent leaders unearth a better way to build diverse, dynamic, successful teams. As we said, work is changing. We want to keep changing it for the better.

Here’s what Alex Ayin, Wiser’s Marketing Director, had to say: 

“Our partnership with Arctic Shores is another step forward in our mission to change the way people think about work. It’s clear that, after last year, the importance of an inclusive, dynamic employer brand is only increasing. By partnering with Arctic Shores, we’re excited to continue developing how we help talent leaders everywhere attract the right people, and now, to assess them in the fairest possible way.”

Our Head of Partnerships, Joe Wilson, continued:

“This partnership isn’t about value, it’s about values. Our core belief at Arctic Shores is that human potential is worth knowing – no matter what someone looks like, or where they’re from. So I’m excited to partner with Wiser, who don’t just embody this vision every day, but also deliver on it for their clients. Through this partnership, we’ve uncovered a clear path to help employers attract, assess and hire the right people for them, in an engaging, objective way. Every single day. I can’t wait to get started.”

So, if your values sound a bit like ours, click here to let us know. Together, let’s see what we can do.

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