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Attracting incredible people, and seeing more in them: Arctic Shores’ new partnership

Wednesday 9th June

Attracting incredible people, and seeing more in them: Arctic Shores’ new partnership

We asked 200 people leaders what their biggest challenge would be this year. The most common response? “Accessing top talent”. No doubt, attracting great people has always been tough. But today, we’re making it that little bit easier.

Arctic Shores & Attrax

Arctic Shores has partnered with Attrax – the careers site system. To help every employer attract the people they need, and paint a rich picture of every candidate’s truest potential. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attrax’s career site system

Attrax gives employers complete ownership of their career site. With drag-and-drop widgets, easy personalisation and localisation, it’s easier than ever to build, adapt and scale a career site, whenever it’s needed. All this, connected to an ATS, with no creative agency needed. In short, Attrax’s suite of tools makes it simpler than ever to build a careers site that works the way you do.

  1. Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessment

Once you’re attracting more great people with Attrax, it’s time to see their potential. Our behaviour-based assessment uses up to eight online tasks to measure exactly what matters most – traits like creativity, resilience, learning agility, and dozens more. This way, discovering the incredible people who fit the role, the culture, or even both, becomes easy. All with zero bias, and zero anxiety-inducing questions. 

The results?

With Attrax’s careers site system:

  • Turn more careers site visits into applications – with conversion of up to ~50%
  • Reduce your spend on job boards by ~50%
  • Take complete control of your careers site, and integrate it with your ATS. No creative agency necessary.

With Arctic Shores’ assessment:

  • See your candidates’ truest potential, by capturing their unique behaviour and natural strengths
  • Measure only what matters, and put an end to manual CV review
  • See beyond age, ethnicity, gender, background and neurotype. 

A partnership in the name of inclusion

Attrax lets employers show their inclusivity from the very first interaction with would-be candidates. By dragging and dropping their own images, talent teams can finally present a rich, diverse workplace – without any creative agency hand-holding. For a careers site that’s a true gateway to diversity.

Then, Arctic Shores’ assessment helps them beat back bias. The assessment replaces manual CV review, letting employers progress the incredible people they need, based solely on natural fit. And then? Our bespoke Interview Guides let them carry all that behavioural insight into their interviews. For hiring that’s based on the one thing that matters: their candidates’ potential to succeed.

James Saunders, Attrax CEO said:

“Myself and everyone at Attrax are extremely excited about our developing partnership with Arctic Shores. True partnership is where the result is greater than the sum of the two parts, and I’m confident that, by bringing our career site system and Arctic Shores’ assessment together, we’ve created a joint value proposition that’s unmatched in the talent technology landscape.”

Robert Newry, Arctic Shores CEO added: 

“This budding partnership just makes so much sense. Where we help employers see beyond the CV, Attrax’s career site system helps them attract and engage the right people, right from the start. And, what’s more, we’re perfectly aligned on values. James and the Attrax team, just like mine at Arctic Shores, believe that a better working world starts with a fairer working world. I’m excited to work towards that vision together.”

If you’re charged with attracting and assessing incredible people at your organisation, we’re perfect for you. Just click here to arrange a quick chat.

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