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Breaking down the barriers to potential: introducing UNA

Thursday 1st July

Breaking down the barriers to potential: introducing UNA

Potential, off-limits

The brightest gems often form at the darkest, most inaccessible depths. At Arctic Shores, we ask one question: why should the incredible people you need – your gems – be so far out of reach? 

Because, often, they are. The average employer still says that scalably finding the right people, year after year, is their biggest challenge. But why is that?

Part of the problem is all the barriers to fair, insightful assessment. Months of onboarding, mandatory training, spiralling costs – it all adds up to a looming wall that blocks your path to true potential. 

Until now, that is.

World, meet UNA

Today, we’re delighted to launch UNA, the Talent Discovery Platform – to help you see limitless potential, limitlessly.

UNA’s an online hiring hub that lets you take our assessment into your own hands, without a moment’s training or months of onboarding. The freedom to find your people, your way, is just a couple of clicks away.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be doing in UNA:

  • Creating your own assessments in minutes, and measure what you value most
  • Inviting your candidates quickly and painlessly
  • Comparing their unique potential at a glance
  • Shortlisting incredible people, at the touch of a button
  • Supporting consistent interviewing with bespoke Interview Guides

All that, and plenty more, wrapped up in one scalable platform. To discover how UNA will work for you and your business, click here.

UNA’s principles

We built UNA with four principles in mind – four beliefs about how hiring should be:


For too long, psychometric assessments have come with strings. The training, the onboarding, the cost. So break free with UNA, using a range of templates to get your assessment stage underway quickly. Or, create your own templates, and use them again and again. Because you know your business best (and your roles, to boot). 


With UNA, make fast, informed decisions, and enjoy predictable outcomes with every step. See your candidates’ unique potential at a glance, and rank them in a second. Then, take action at the touch of a button – whether it’s to shortlist a great candidate, or download a bespoke Interview Guide. For screening that scales with you.


Join up all your data dots with UNA:

Step 1: Get instant access to the behavioural insight from our assessment

Step 2: Carry that into your next stage with our Interview Guides, and explore their learned behaviours too.

Step 3: Now you’ve seen more, use it all to support personalised new hire onboarding. 

Yep, if you wish your hiring data lived a little longer and worked a little harder, UNA’s got you covered. 

The mission

At Arctic Shores, we’re driven to give every employer the means to see their candidates’ truest potential. All so you can find the people you need, and build diverse, successful teams at work.

And now, with UNA, we take our next step on that mission. In fact, it’s more of a bold leap – one that finally makes rich behavioural insight accessible to all. If you’d like to become a part of our growing community, then it’s time to chat. Just click here to start seeing more.

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