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Molson Coors Beverage Company join the CV-less hiring revolution

Wednesday 19th July

Molson Coors Beverage Company join the CV-less hiring revolution

Molson Coors recently shared to the press that they have scrapped the CV to make their recruitment process more inclusive and to prevent them from missing out on high-quality candidates. We've gathered the key insights from their story for those intrigued by this new approach, along with a selection of the media coverage below.

Molson Coors Beverage Company is one of the largest suppliers of beer to the UK hospitality sector, and last week they announced to the press that candidates applying for roles within the HR division, on-trade sales and technical services teams will no longer be required to submit a CV. 

The brewer, which employs more than 2,000 people in the UK, said it wanted to recruit people for these roles based solely on their potential to succeed, rather than on specific competencies, to make the recruitment process more inclusive and encourage a more diverse range of people to apply. 

Applicants for these roles will undergo the Arctic Shores task-based psychometric assessment, which will detect natural aptitude for a role and neuroscientific behavioural assessments that chart psychological traits and model how a person will react in different situations. 

Phil Whitehead, Managing Director for Western Europe at Molson Coors Beverage Company, said: “CVs simply aren’t necessary for all job roles. They encourage recruiters to focus on details, like the school or university someone went to, that doesn’t really speak to the person’s true potential. This increases the chances of unconscious bias creeping into the selection process and disadvantages those who didn’t get the opportunity to attend a great school or access internships and work experience.

“We believe in finding people who are the right fit for our business that demonstrate the raw talent, drive and inclusive values that we look for. It’s then up to us to provide them with the training and support they need to reach their full potential.”

Joe Sidley, talent acquisition manager at the company, HR magazine was quoted saying that the move will help hiring managers focus on candidates’ potential, rather than their experience. 

“Scrapping CVs helps remove unconscious bias from the process because our recruiters can’t be swayed by an impressive sounding degree or a candidate that went to a good school… we have a huge demand for new talent, and we simply can’t afford to miss out on great people because they were put off by an application process that makes them feel unqualified.” 

If you’d like to know how to scrap the CV and hire for potential, download our playbook for CV-less hiring here.

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