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Our candidates are one in a million

Thursday 9th January

Our candidates are one in a million

Have you ever seen one million people in one place?

Unless you’re big on pilgrimages, the London Underground or Rod Stewart concerts, the answer is probably “no”.

That means it’s often hard for us to gauge the scale of that number. It’s something we’ve been wrangling with in the AS office recently, as we’ve just hit the one millionth candidate assessment on our platform!

Rising up

2019 was a big year for all of our teams across the UK and APAC. We rebranded in June, enjoyed our Series A funding in September, and have more or less hired a million people ourselves since. 

Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration. 

But we are expanding, eager to spread the good word of behaviour-based assessments globally. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching a new regional HQ in Cologne this year, while we continue to see growing interest from international partners across five continents. 

Serving a purpose

We’re proud of our 2019 achievements with our enterprise clients – a segment we’ll continue to serve as diligently as ever. But we’ve got big dreams at Arctic Shores, beyond simply breaking into new markets. We want to help more employers, more hiring managers, and more candidates make the best possible choices for them. 

We’ve long understood that the reach of our product isn’t sufficiently aligned with these dreams. One million really is just the beginning, and, to go further and faster, we knew we needed something more. A bold way to allow those leading smaller, fast-growing businesses to assess the talent befitting their unique needs.

You’ll be hearing much more on this very soon – so keep your ear close to the ground! Our development team have been super busy in the past few months. We expect to have some good news for you shortly. 

Until then, thanks to those who’ve helped propel us to this stage. Here’s to our first one million, and to many more in the future!

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