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Unveiling assessment’s new frontier

Monday 24th May

Unveiling assessment’s new frontier

At Arctic Shores, our mission is to give every individual the opportunity to show their truest potential. 

But, beyond that, we think finding fulfilling work shouldn’t be hard work. It should be easy for people to show their potential. Stress-free. Engaging. 

“But Arctic Shores,” you might say, “90% of our candidates already enjoy the assessment experience!”. And you’d be right. But, for us, “almost” isn’t nearly enough – that 10% matters.

Which is why, today, we’re relaunching our behaviour-based assessment. To give every candidate the simple, intuitive, engaging experience they deserve. One they’ll remember for all the right reasons. 

What’s new in the land of potential?

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of four key changes we’ve made:

  1. New log-in journey

The candidate’s experience starts with their login journey. And, where they’d normally face a long login process, full of app store hunting and pasted passwords, we’ve squeezed all that into the tap of a button. 

Now, one click automatically logs your candidates in, and opens the assessment right in their browser. Here, they’ll find both the full assessment, and a practice task, side-by-side. For a snappy, straightforward experience.

  1. Stand-out visuals

With assessments, what you see is what you feel. That’s why we’ve introduced a calming illustrative style, designed to set your candidates at ease from minute one. 

This way, they can focus solely on being themselves, and showcasing their truest potential.

  1. Compassionate copy

An assessment inevitably reminds the candidate that there’s a job on the line. Before they get started, it’s natural to feel like a tensely coiled spring.

But, when things get tense, the right words can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve overhauled how we guide your candidates through the process, creating a clear, compassionate voice centred on one core message: “Just be yourself”. 

Our psychometric assessment does away with the age-old concepts of right and wrong. Now, we’re shouting that from the rooftops.

  1. Branding

As an added benefit for you, the new visual style has made our assessment much easier to brand. Take our assessment and make it yours, by adding your unique colours, logo, and even your own images. We can even mock up a design for you within one business day! 

A quick note on the science

Sure, we’ve given our assessment a facelift. But it’s still underpinned by all the psychometric nuts and bolts that made it great before. Which means that it still gives you the same fair, accurate insight into your candidates’ truest potential. That’s one thing we’ll never change. 

If you’d like to take the new assessment for a spin, just click here to let us know. We can’t wait to show it to you.

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