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Winning ‘D&I Solution of the year’! (and why it matters)

Thursday 16th September

Winning ‘D&I Solution of the year’! (and why it matters)

Vision > Recognition

The great thing about doing the right thing is that you don’t always need recognition. Instead, at Arctic Shores we’re driven by a vision: a world of work where the only playing field is a level playing field.

But then, sometimes, you get a pat on the back that forces you to stop and take stock. Like last Friday, for example, when we won ‘D&I Solution of the Year’ at the inaugural TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards

We won’t lie… we’ve been beaming all weekend. But we’ve been thinking, too – about what it means and why it matters. And it turns out, it’s more than just a trophy. 

An award that means more

The comments came as soon as we posted our LinkedIn fist-pump. One or two, then dozens. All congratulatory, each more encouraging than the last. And it was soon crystal clear why this award mattered more than anything we’ve won before. Two letters: D&I.

The outpouring of support confirmed that D&I means more than quotas. It’s not about profit or PR. Instead, it goes deeper, touching on the human belief that everyone – regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or background – deserves their shot. That all potential is truly worth knowing, and that we should celebrate anything that helps us see it. Like our assessment, for example.

What comes next

In short, more of the same. More opportunity for more people, and more customers all over the world striving with us to see more in their candidates. And, if we’re lucky, perhaps another award or two to boot.

So, if you’re looking ahead to 2022 as a year of diverse, successful teams, and need a hand finding the right people, let’s find them together. Arrange your demo of our behaviour-based assessment here.

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