Pre-employment testing: Smarter pre-hire, less re-hire.

A pre-employment assessment shouldn’t just be a data point. It should give you the clearest possible indication that a candidate will suit both the role and your organisation.

However, psychometric tests today aren’t fulfilling this need. Too many hires ‘don’t work out’, forcing you back into the talent market maelstrom. That’s why we’ve developed such a pre-hire solution with you in mind.

It’s called behaviour-based assessments.

What to expect from our online assessments:

As the name suggests, these do away with the questions and instead capture candidates’ authentic behaviour through a series of interactive, mobile-based tasks.

How does this make your life easier? You can…

  • Increase the calibre of hires by up to 40%, by more accurately identifying those with the traits you need.
  • Reduce hiring costs by more than a quarter with faster, data-driven sifting.
  • Improve your employer brand, with a pre-hire experience that 90% of candidates agree reflects well on you.

All while rooting out the bias that typical self-report tests encourage.

Yes, it’s something new. Something different. But all of our tasks are rooted in established neuroscience experiments. Our in-house team of scientists and psychologists make sure that you’ll never lose sleep over an unreliable assessment again.

What exactly can our pre-hire assessment measure?

The tasks in our assessment measure over 30 unique traits, which combine to make up each candidate’s natural behaviour. These traits fall into six categories:

  • Agreeableness
    • E.g. authenticity, altruism and risk propensity
  • Cognition
    • E.g. concentration, innovation potential and processing speed
  • Conscientiousness
    • E.g. determination, proactivity and self-discipline
  • Extraversion
    • E.g. sociability, optimism and sensitivity to reward
  • Neuroticism
    • E.g. emotional stability, resilience and self-belief

When measuring these, the assessment will automatically score each candidate’s fit based on the traits you need most for your role.

Why use pre-hire assessments?

Faster sifting

If your hiring’s built upon the foundation of time-consuming manual sifting, pre-hire assessments can help. The best options will give you powerful data telling you which of your candidates are suitable for the role, earlier in the process. This means smarter, faster sifting and shorter processes overall. 

Hiring accuracy

With this new, powerful data on your candidates, you’re more likely to accurately find the needles in the talent haystack earlier in the process. You’ll progress more of the right people at the very start, leaving you with a better selection at the end. Wave fruitless searches and unfilled roles goodbye.

Departure from the ‘gut’

Pre-hire assessments (especially ours!) help you make hires based on real, reliable evidence – taking your gut reactions out of the equation. Not only does this support more effective hiring, but it can also help strip bias out of the process – making your hiring fairer in the process.

Keen to discover more? Luckily, there’s plenty more in store from our assessment here.