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Scrap the CV Research Report

Tuesday 8th November

Scrap the CV Research Report

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Take the first step out of the skills crisis towards a future with endless potential


Have you ever rejected a candidate because they didn’t have the right experience? You’re not alone. In fact, our recent survey found that 88% of HR and talent managers have screened candidates out of their hiring process because of a lack of experience.

However, 67% reported that selecting for experience reduces the size and diversity of their talent pool, further exacerbating the skills crisis.

These outdated hiring methods are shrinking talent pools and hampering diversity. It’s also costing organisations money, with 72% currently paying higher salaries in order to find candidates with the right experience.

Our Arctic Shores, Scrap the CV report combines compelling facts and figures along with real success stories by HR pioneers - highlighting the need to scrap the CV and hire for potential to beat the skills crisis.

The report explores:
– How the use of CV in the hiring process, is worsening the skills crisis we are facing currently.
– Why CVs are not the right tool to hire for new digital-first roles.
– If Cvs are indispensable, or can be used later in the hiring process.
– What can the CV be replaced with...

Download the full report to find out more, and read more on the '7 burning questions on hiring for potential'.

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