Cognitive neuroscience, AI and data science form the basis for our predictive selection algorithm.

The tasks in our assessment are developed from research experiments founded on psychological, cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience principles of human behaviour. We have carefully replicated these experiments in our app-like interface, ensuring they maintain their scientific rigour.

Scientific research has shown that behavioural variations among individuals completing these tasks map to ‘real-world’ observable differences in personality traits and cognitive ability. By capturing authentic behaviours, we can objectively distinguish between candidates on a wide range of traits.

These differences in brain functioning can be measured by performing straightforward tasks. We have simply adapted historically validated neuroscience tasks to the 21st century, and placed them within an app-like interface to optimise the assessment experience. Our in-house science and research teams work to ensure that this interface does not impede the scientific rigour of the assessments.

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Undiagnosed Dyslexia and Me

Undiagnosed Dyslexia and Me

What does it mean to reach adulthood before receiving a dyslexia diagnosis, having gone through most of your years in education already, somewhat struggling with reading, memory or numbers? Our guest writer, Jade Franks, first year Education with English and Drama...

The Science Behind Gamified Psychometric Assessments

The Science Behind Gamified Psychometric Assessments

Gamification - the application of game technology in non-game contexts - has been quickly adopted as a go-to approach for enhancing engagement and innovation across industries -  recruitment is no exception! Gamified psychometric assessments can be used in the initial...

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