High-volume sifting

Behavioural data makes sifting simple. Our assessment paints a clearer picture of every candidate, so you can determine “suitable” from “not-so-suitable” in record time. Tackling an application haystack? We’ll help you find those needles.

Features for you:

Bespoke fit profiles

Use your unique fit profile to establish suitability faster.

Up to 12,000 data points

Make faster decisions with rich candidate insight.

A clear ‘fit score’

See the right hires for you at a glance.

Remote hiring

With demand for home working through the roof, we’ll help you navigate that sea of CVs. Once you’ve used our mobile-friendly assessment to quickly pick a handful from the many, use our tailored interview guides to finally nail those video interviews.

Features for you:

Behavioural insight

Even if you’ve never met them, feel like you have.

Mobile-friendly format

All your candidates need is WiFi and a smartphone.

Tailored interview guides

Make video interviews work harder for you.

Building diverse teams

Measuring natural behaviour creates a level playing field. With no questions, our assessment leaves bias at the door. So candidates of all ages, genders, ethnicities and social backgrounds enjoy equal opportunity to stand out. Boost diversity in your teams with a process that includes and engages.

Features for you:

Bespoke fit profiles

Measure consistently and fairly against a benchmark of what ‘good’ looks like.

Behavioural insight

Traditional questionnaires encourage bias – so we ditched the questions.

Tailored interview guides

Make your interviews as fair as our assessment.

New business unit or restructuring

Hiring for newly-created roles? We’ll help you to decipher the essential behaviours, before telling you which candidates exhibit them. Whether it’s a new business unit or a complete restructure, make hires that work from day one. No trial and error required.

Features for you:

Supportive onboarding

The only people who’ll know your changing needs better than us, is you.

Bespoke fit profiles

Know the qualities your candidates need to succeed, pre-hire.

Dedicated psychologist support

Because this change won’t be your last.

Creating a next-gen talent strategy

Modernising your process? Say no more. Our assessment puts powerful behavioural data in your hands, taking you right to the heart of the candidate. And, with its interactive, questionless format, you’ll boast a candidate experience lightyears ahead of the pack.

Features for you:

Accessible, stress-free design

Make candidates want to work for you.

Behavioural insight

Turn hiring from guesswork to great work.

Bias-free & inclusive

So you can access talent where competitors can’t.

Putting efficiency first

Relying on self-report is like grocery shopping in the dark. Always time-consuming, probably painful. With behavioural data, we help you turn the lights on. By measuring only the behaviours you really need, make the right hires while saving on time, costs and effort.

Features for you:

Bespoke fit profiles

Assess for what you need, faster. Forget the rest.

Behavioural insight

Get to the heart of your candidates, in under an hour.

Tailored interview guides

Empower your entire process, not just your assessment.

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One assessment for all your talent goals. Discover how we can take you where you need to be.

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