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Arctic Shores helps organisations hire for potential, widen talent pools and unearth high-quality candidates, in any economic climate.
Our behavioural assessment solution is proven to reduce the barriers to entry for talent, increase candidate excellence, and save time, and money.
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Start hiring efficiently.

Are you struggling with excessive agency costs and a high cost of hire? Are your hiring managers complaining of poor quality candidates?

If so, the answer lies in shifting away from hiring based on experience to hiring for potential. Instead of just focusing on technical skills, your high performers are also likely to be the ones with the most relevant soft skills and aptitude (which we like to call 'human skills' and 'workplace intelligence'). 

We know that you want to get the balance right between quality, cost and time to hire. Hiring for potential is proven to increase long-term role satisfaction, lower your costs and reduce staff turnover - helping you to take control while building the workforce of tomorrow.

The benefits of assessing with our Arctic Shores behaviour assessment solution:

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Diversify and widen your talent pool

When you put potential over past experience, you unlock a diverse and global talent pool you would have otherwise missed.

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Save your precious time

No more manual CV reviewing at the initial stage, save your team's time with our easy and intuitive Applicant Tracking System integrations.

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Cut your costs efficiently

Mis-hires can be costly, but when you focus on the relevant human skills and necessary workplace intelligence, you are much more likely to get it right.


Transform the way you hire in three simple steps.

1. Define candidate potential
Once you've picked your success criteria for the role, you can use our role templates, or set up your own.

2. Measure what matters
As there are no questions in the Arctic Shores assessment- it’s just the candidates' true behavioural responses, you’ll be able to measure your candidates without bias, while also seeing the future potential they hold.

3. Screen and interview without bias
Once the assessment is complete, we’ll provide you with an overview of the candidate’s human skills and qualities. These insights will be provided in a tailored interview guide, specific to the success criteria of the role to help you through the interview process.


Here are some of the ways our solution is changing the hiring process.


improvement in candidate calibre


reduction in recruitment costs


feel more relaxed when taking our assessment


enjoyed completing the assessment as part of the recruitment process


are more excited to work for the respective employer after completing the assessment


Our behaviour-based assessment.

There are 10 tasks in our behaviour-based assessment. Each one is just a few minutes long, ensuring that the candidate has an enjoyable and engaging experience. During the tasks, we’ll pick up on every little response and action - capturing over 10,000 data points.

Unlike traditional psychometric assessments, ours is based on neuroscience, using tasks to uncover a candidate's potential, which often reveals qualities and human skills they were not aware they possessed.

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What our clients say:

“Scrapping the CV and adopting Arctic Shores’ assessments has revolutionised the way that we hire. The talent team, managers and senior stakeholders have all seen the impact on the business as a whole. The teams are now much more diverse, with real diversity of thought, background and experience, as well as ethnicity, social mobility and gender. It's been transformative.”
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“Using Arctic Shores has allowed us to access a richer source information, looking at more than just academic ability and really considering a candidates potential

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“Using the assessment has massively helped to speed up the recruitment process, within days, we can be in touch with a candidate. In this way, the candidate experience has improved a lot!”

The Playbook for CV-less Hiring

How you can hire for potential, while cutting costs & saving time.

Employers all over the world are facing a skills crisis. And, as a result, they're forced to hire from the same narrow talent pool – driving up salaries, and widening the DE&I divide.

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Taking the assessment?

If you’ve applied for a role and are about to take Arctic Shores’ assessment, you can read our candidate guidance.

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