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Measure your candidates’ unique behaviour & natural strengths, with an assessment that sees more in people.
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Assessment’s new frontier

Your candidates’ truest potential lies beyond their CV. So dig deeper, past the ordinary measures, with our behaviour-based assessment – to build the extraordinary teams you need.

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See more in people, with tasks

Give every candidate the opportunity to show their potential, with a series of intuitive online tasks. These capture your candidates’ natural strengths in action – think creativity, resilience, learning agility, and more. All in just 45mins.

The benefits of measuring behaviour

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See true potential

Find and progress the people you know will be at home in your role, culture, or both, by measuring only what matters most.

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Level the playing field

Leave no room for natural bias. Use objective behavioural insight to finally put gender, ethnicity, age, background and neurotype aside.

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Engage every candidate

Give your candidates the stress-free, rewarding experience they deserve. And keep incredible people excited to work for you.


For pioneers, by pioneers

We’ve based the tasks in our behaviour-based assessment on decades of neuroscientific theory – for behavioural insight that’s truly valid and reliable. So when you see more, you can trust what you see.

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Where our assessment fits into your process:

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Early-stage screening

See potential from day one of your process. Put our assessment to work after your application stage, and find the right people in the right way.

Interview stage

Use behavioural insight from our assessment to support fair, consistent interviews, from one hiring manager to the next. No gut feel, no guesswork.

People development

Trust our assessment to show you every candidate’s unique development areas. So you can truly personalise how you onboard, train and develop new hires.

The benefits of measuring behaviour

For you:
For your candidates:

improvement in candidate calibre


reduction in costs


assessment completion


of candidates feel more relaxed when taking our assessment, compared to traditional tests.


actively enjoy the behaviour-based assessment.


are more excited to work for the respective employer after taking our assessment.

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Taking the assessment?

If you’ve applied for a role and are about to take Arctic Shores’ assessment, read our candidate guidance.

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