ChatGPT has broken traditional
recruitment methods. But not ours.

Our task-based psychometric assessment uses 12,000 data points to uncover
true potential, in a way the CV and traditional assessments no longer can

We’ve helped more than 350 disruptors join the CV-less hiring revolution
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Generative AI has broken
traditional recruitment tools overnight

As if talent acquisition in 2024 wasn’t already hard enough, relying on CVs and question-based psychometric assessments is no longer an option if you want to accurately predict hiring success and figure out what candidates are really like.

For the past nine years, we’ve been helping innovative TA teams, do more with less, broaden talent pools, and deliver exceptional candidates. All while navigating a complex tech stack. 

And now our solution is one of the only assessments on the market future-proofed against ChatGPT and other Generative AI plug-ins. 

Arctic Shores helps forward-thinking talent acquisition teams leap light years forward

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More accurately assess a candidate’s true potential

Because it’s interactive, our task-based assessment can’t be completed by Gen AI tools in the way text-based assessments can. Plus, the breadth and depth of insight we capture is proven to reduce turnover by 40% in just 6 months.
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Save your recruiters 1000s of hours of time and effort

Forget 1000s of hours reviewing CVs written by ChatGPT. Easily set up your assessment using our intuitive Assessment Builder and then let us do the hard work for you.
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Increase diversity and breadth of your talent pools

Our cutting edge, science-backed methodology for assessment is proven to get you better quality hires and increase the diversity of your candidate shortlists.

How it works

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Tasks, not questions

CVs were already under fire as an inefficient sifting tool for time-pressured recruiters and a poor predictor of candidate's future success, with 65% of employers already ruling them out. Until recently, the best option most talent teams had was a traditional question-based psychometric test. 

But in the age of Generative AI, these tools are no longer fit for purpose. And that’s on top of the fact research shows question-based assessments are proven to create adverse impact for protected groups. 

That’s why our next generation psychometric assessment uses tasks, not questions, to uncover a candidate’s true potential. 

Candidates don’t tell us how they’ll perform. They show us.

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Biggest advance in psychometric
assessments for decades

Whether you’re assessing for Personality or Workplace Intelligence (our answer to Cognitive Ability), we’ll curate over 12,000 data points to help you predict whether a candidate will succeed in your role.

We’ve combined neuroscience and cutting-edge psychology to give you a more holistic view of a candidate’s potential than any psychometric test has ever given before. Unlike traditional psychometrics, our engaging tasks score a candidate based on how they think and learn, not what they tell you or whether they got the answer right.

What’s more, 85% of candidates enjoy taking our engaging assessment, resulting in an industry-leading 91% completion rate. 

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Fast, intuitive Assessment and Campaign Manager

Easily build your own assessment using simple drag and drop tools and in-product guidance; choose an off-the-shelf assessment designed by our business psychologists or lean on our team to take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Easily integrate with your ATS, select the highest scoring candidates and invite them to interview. Plus, get access to pre-built interview guides. tailored to your role, and loved by hiring managers. 

We’ll make it easy for recruiters and managers to find everything in one place, plus we’ll automatically send candidates personalised feedback and insights on completion. What’s more, easily add your own branding too.

We’ll make the experience fast, easy, and bias-free.  


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We won’t launch you and leave you. We’re with you every step of the way.

Talent acquisition teams are among some of the busiest, hardest working people we know. 

That’s why, rather than just giving you a bland one hour training session or making you go through days of certification that, let’s face it, you don’t have time for, our team of business psychologists and programme managers will work alongside you to ensure you get the results you need.

We can help you with everything from understanding which success criteria you really need to measure to get the perfect hire, to designing an insightful, bias-free interview process, to crunching your campaign data. 

Plus, get unparalleled candidate support and technical support too.  


What people are
saying about us

Scrapping the CV and adopting Arctic Shores’ assessments has revolutionised the way that we hire. The talent team, managers and senior stakeholders have all seen the impact on the business as a whole. The teams are now much more diverse, with real diversity of thought, background and experience, as well as ethnicity, social mobility and gender. It's been transformative.
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“Using Arctic Shores has allowed us to access a richer source information, looking at more than just academic ability and really considering a candidates potential”
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Easily select the behaviours, traits, and preferences that you want to assess using simple drag and drop tools.
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The pragmatist’s playbook for skills-based hiring

We’ve combined a decade’s worth of our own experience in helping companies move away from experience-based hiring and towards potential-focused hiring, with advice from disruptive TA leaders at the forefront of our industry, to bring you the most practical, pragmatic playbook on skills-based hiring published to date. 

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Taking the assessment?

If you’ve applied for a role and are about to take Arctic Shores’ task-based assessment, here's some guidance and a bit about what you can expect.

Candidate Guidance