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✅  1 Campaign

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❌ Assessment volume bolt-on

❌ Assessment branding - light

❌ Assessment branding - full

❌ Business Psychology as a Service - BPaaS


Campaign: encompasses an end-to-end recruitment process from assessment to hiring decisions for one job description (includes multiple hires).

Campaigns can be purchased in bundles of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 or 50

Light Branding consists of:

  • Choice of recolouring the hero images in the assessment in your brand colours 
  • Logo placement throughout the assessment journey
  • Brand colours and logo on the loading and task selection screen, which the candidate sees after every task
  • A custom URL.

Full Branding consists of:

  • All light branding features 
  • Customisation of the entire assessment journey with your own brand colours/ images/ illustrations
  • Additional customisation on the loading screen that the candidate sees.