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Hire confidently & ditch the guesswork with a smarter cognitive assessment.
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Cognitive tests: Be better than your best guess

Data makes the world go round. But sluggish, costly processes are still putting your world on spin-cycle, begging the question: Are you getting all the information you need?

Cognitive assessments, for all their jargon, are simple beasts. They’re a type of psychometric test designed, theoretically, to measure intelligence. But hiring’s getting harder. “Simple” leaves room for guesswork.

It’s time for a cognitive assessment that’s brainier than the rest of the bunch. One that puts your success in your hands, by giving you the tools to predict great hires.


How our cognitive assessment supports you:

  • Measure aptitudecultural fit and overall role suitability with our behaviour-based assessment. Zero questions, thousands of data points.
  • Assess without bias or adverse impact. With no self-report element, every candidate gets the opportunity to show their ability in action.
  • Save time & costs by predicting the right hires for you. Our user-friendly, accessible reports put powerful, actionable data in your hands.


Cognitive ability tests & recruiting

Our cognitive assessment lets you see your candidates’ natural ability in action. That’s because we’ve replaced the typical questions you might expect, with interactive tasks your candidates won’t. So you can uncover how they really approach and react to work-relevant scenarios.

So, whether it’s learning agility, processing capacity or decision-making style, we’ll give you all the insight you need to inform your best hires.

Also, by removing the questions, there are fewer avenues for bias to enter your process. This means no adverse impact (ever), and fairer, more reliable results.


What happens during our cognitive assessment?

Your candidates will be presented with up to nine unique online tasks. Each has been designed to replicate well-established neuroscience experiments.

Based on how your candidates respond to each task, we’ll extract up to 12,000 unique data points on their natural behaviour. These are automatically scored against the specific requirements of your role, determined alongside our in-house business psychologists.

And, if you choose, every candidate will receive instant feedback on the behaviours they exhibited. This means that every candidate will find your process rewarding – even the unsuccessful ones.


Who can benefit from our cognitive assessment?


Our assessments are helping customers of all shapes, sizes and sectors. Whether it’s engineering giants or high-growth tech upstarts, there’s one thing that links them all: a mission to see people in a fairer, more effective way.

So, in truth, our cognitive assessment can help anyone that’s looking to cut out guesswork and make their hiring better. For more ideas on how you can apply our assessment, take a look at our use cases here.


We build inclusive assessments that improve opportunity. That means they’re accessible to entry-level talent, management and executive hires. So, whether you’re hiring baristas or barristers, our assessment can help you find your people.

Time’s up for guesswork – choose a smarter cognitive assessment instead. Want to learn more? Find out here.