Psychometric tests: A new standard

You may know all about traditional psychometrics. If so, you’ll know that, for all their benefits, self-report tests are never foolproof. When a job’s potentially on the line, they encourage faking and elevate candidate stress.

Neither of these contribute to precise, reliable data.

That’s why our psychometric assessment contains precisely zero questions. Instead, we’ve combined well-established neuroscience tasks with mobile-friendly interfaces. The result? An assessment that accurately captures real candidate behaviour and maps it to your needs.


Our psychometric assessment lets you…

  • Sift faster by painting a clearer picture of every candidate, earlier in your process.
  • Tap into diverse talent pools by stripping out the adverse impact encouraged by self-report
  • Raise the overall standard of your candidates and progress, by identifying those that naturally align with the demands of your role.

A psychometric assessment that’ll:

  • Cut your hiring costs by up to 26%
  • Boost candidate quality by up to 40%
  • Make 88% of your candidates more excited to work for you.

The use of psychometric assessments in recruitment

Generally, traditional questionnaire-style psychometric tests have helped organisations sift out unsuitable candidates. But our assessment goes a giant leap further.

By replacing questions with proven neuroscience tasks, you can see your candidates in a whole new way. When you measure behaviour, there are three distinct benefits:

Fairness & authenticity

With no questions, there’s less room for hiring bias to rear its head. Instead, rely on tasks that encourage intuitive responses, giving you the objective data you need to make confident decisions on the best hire, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background.

Also, by encouraging a state of “flow” – or total concentration – our behaviour-based assessment is proven to be much harder to fake (unconsciously or not). So you can always trust that what you see is what you get.


By mapping behavioural insight to your unique role requirements, you can see which candidates will suit you best before you hire them. This means shorter hiring processes and better hires.

And, if you’re not sure what ‘good’ actually looks like in your roles, our psychologists have you covered. We’ll do a full job analysis as part of your on-boarding, resulting in a scalable ‘fit profile’ you can use again and again to get the right fit, every time.

Candidate experience

Your most talented candidates will often have the pick of the bunch. So, candidate experience counts.

Our assessment, as you’ve already seen, makes nearly nine out of ten candidates more excited to work for you. Three quarters report that it’s more relaxing than traditional questionnaire-style tests. In fact, the overwhelming majority actually enjoy taking our assessment. How’s that for standing out from the pack?

Which industries are psychometrics suitable for?

We work with customers of all kinds. The one common thread between all of them is to make fairer, more effective hires with a process that’s suitable for the talent market of today. But, that said, some of our most successful customers can be found in sectors like:

  • Professional services
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • HR & outsourcing
  • Engineering, design & manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Government agencies & emergency services

Wondering if our assessment’s right for you? Maybe it’s time to see it in action. Click here, and we’ll be happy to arrange a demo.