Psychometric Tests

Discover how our psychometric assessment can revolutionise how you sift and progress your candidates.

Psychometric tests: A new standard

You may know all about traditional psychometrics. If so, you’ll know that, for all their benefits, self-report tests are never foolproof. When a job’s potentially on the line, they encourage faking and elevate candidate stress.

Neither of these contribute to precise, reliable data.

That’s why our psychometric assessment contains precisely zero questions. Instead, we’ve combined well-established neuroscience tasks with mobile-friendly interfaces. The result? An assessment that accurately captures real candidate behaviour and maps it to your needs.

Our psychometric assessment lets you…

  • Sift faster by painting a clearer picture of every candidate, earlier in your process.
  • Tap into diverse talent pools by stripping out the adverse impact encouraged by self-report
  • Raise the overall standard of your candidates and progress, by identifying those that naturally align with the demands of your role.

A psychometric assessment :

  • Cut your hiring costs by up to 26%
  • Boost candidate quality by up to 40%
  • Make 88% of your candidates more excited to work for you.

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