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Arctic Shores: Surmounting psychometrics’ biggest challenges

Wednesday 17th June

Arctic Shores: Surmounting psychometrics’ biggest challenges

Hopefully you’ve read our summaries of both the pros and cons of the most common psychometric tests in the market today. It’s clear to see that, despite their clear benefits, most solutions are by no means perfect. You’ve also seen some signposts on what is innovative in the field today, as well as how to establish reliability and validity.

We want to show you where we sit amongst all this. While we recognise that nobody’s perfect, you might find that our behaviour-based solution offers all the benefits described in previous sections, while using innovative, reliable means to mitigate the common pitfalls:


It’s clear that, when you allow candidates the chance to self-report their own tendencies (even while trying to disguise those you’re assessing for), there’s immediately room for faking and impression management. 

Our answer? Remove the questions. Our assessments instead rely on neuroscientific tasks conducted through a mobile device, measuring up to 12,000 data points on candidates real behaviour. The interactive aspect of the assessment encourages intuitive responses that are extremely difficult to premeditate, regardless of how much time you’ve spent scrolling through the candidate forums beforehand. This means that the data you get at the end is both reliable and actionable in your hiring strategy. 


In typical self-report tests, candidates are asked to speak on what they ‘think’ they do. In contrast, we just ask them to do. This means we can measure their unique behavioural tendencies, while they can focus on completing tasks and getting into a state of flow. This means more authentic performance, less anxiety, and less time spent thinking on their part.

Candidate experience

Additionally, the unique interactive format of our assessment does more to encourage cognitive flow than typical questionnaires. This allows candidates to express themselves authentically, while in most cases forgetting they’re even being assessed. This so-called ‘stealth assessment’ has been proven to ensure a far better candidate experience that’s less stressful and more empowering for your employer brand.

  • Siemens found that 85% of all candidate feedback about the assessment was positive.
  • Thales found that 90% of respondents enjoyed the process.
  • Adecco found that 74% of candidates felt less anxious when taking our assessment, compared to more traditional measures.


Our assessment requires no formal training. This removes one of the most common barriers to accessing the benefits of psychometric tests. 

At Arctic Shores, we factor any content-specific training needs into the implementation process. So you can get started with better hiring straight away, and make the most of your investment from day one.

Additionally, our solutions have been designed to support instant impact for untrained users. This includes easy-to-understand instructions and a user-friendly layout. We also offer a vast knowledge base of accessible, educational articles, so you can improve your understanding of our assessments in your own time.

This, and more

Not only can you be confident that we’ll help you navigate the field’s common pitfalls, but you can also rely on us to provide all those benefits you’d expect. This includes: 

Beating bias, boosting diversity

By creating a standardised process for all candidates, supporting more traditional means like CVs and interviews, you can be sure that every candidate gets the same opportunity regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or age. 

  • Siemens doubled the number of female applicants reaching their process’s final stages with our assessment.
  • Kantar saw a 7% leap in BAME candidates hired for its graduate scheme.
  • EVRY’s proportion of female hires (40%) far outstripped the IT industry average of 24%.

Hiring efficiency

By helping you more quickly establish the right candidates for your roles, our behaviour-based assessment saves you time and money.

  • KPMG UAE saw their time-to-hire fall from ten weeks to six.
  • Deutsche Telekom halved both the necessary length of their assessment days, as well as the number of total assessment days required.
  • EVRY enjoyed a 26% reduction in overall costs.

Candidate calibre

By giving you more predictive data into candidate behaviour, our assessment helps to identify the right candidates for your roles and improves the overall standard of those progressed.

  • Kantar experienced a 100% lift in assessment centre conversion rates with our pre-hire assessment.
  • Thales also doubled conversion rates for their own assessment days.
  • Siemens saw a 65% jump in pass rates for their early careers programme.

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